The Patriot

Titel The Patriot, being a Dramatick History of the Life and Death of William the First Prince of Orange, Founder of the Republick of Holland. To which is prefixed, An Epistle to the Reader: Containing the Author's Sentiments about this Way of Writing. And to which is annexed, A Letter to the People of the Seven United Provinces, shewing that is both their Interest and Duty, to make the Prince of Orange Stadthoulder, By a Lover of Liberty. London: Printed for J. Roberts, 1736. VIII, 82 blz.   
Auteur Baillie, John
Jaar van uitgave 1736
Citaat "The following Tragedy is built upon a Piece of History known to every Body, and I have kept close to Truth, as to the material Facts, without allowing myself those liberties, generally taken in Performances of this Kind. This Rule Mr. Shakespear seems to have had much in his Eye; and to me it seems a most just one, especially where the History, upon which the Tragedy is built, is universally known: For as Truth has Beauties which no Invention can equal, so in my Opinion it must be shocking to most People, either to hear or read the Actions of a Great Man; told in a different Way from what they really were, or Battles and other material Occurrences mention'd, that never happen'd.I have likewise always thought, that in Performances of this Kind, the Design of the Author should be to imitate Nature; and therefore, any thing bombast or too florid, is a greater Fault here, than in a Performance where human Nature is only described as it ought to be." (III)" ENTER GerrardMay it please your Highness, I want a private Audience.Pr of Or. There are none here but those I can entirely trust; so tell anything you have to say.Gerr. I should rather chuse to be with your Highness privately; so entreat a private Audience.P. of Or. I am best Judge of those I can entrust with publick Business; so say on.---Gerr. (Aside.) Nay seeing I can't escape, I will throw away my Life with Pleasure to rid the Church of the great support of Heresy. --- I have in my Pocket the Absolution from the Priests, for the Murder : And the Pope himself absolves me from any Oath I should take, upon so glorious a Design, no Faith being to be kept with Hereticks, and I am assured to go to Heaven strait, without so much as feeling Purgatory(To the Prince) As you are the great Enemy to the Catholick Faith and support of Heresy, take this --- (Shoots him with a Pistol.)(Some run to support the Prince, others lay hold on Gerard)1st Member. Take the Villain to Pieces! and call Surgeons.C Hol. By no means, let him be reserv'd to the severest Torture.(Prince of Orange sitting up on an Easy-Chair, bleeding at the Neck)Barn. May it please your Highness, here's your Surgeon.P. of Or. Look at the Wound, and tell me plainly if it's mortal, that if so any few Minutes that remain of Life, may be rightly employ'd.Surgeon. I'm sorry I have the doleful Tale to tell, that the great Prince of Orange, the Father of this Country, is within a few Moments of his Death. (They all weep)Gerr. (Aside.) I'm sure of Paradise ----P. of Or. My worthy Friends let us not spend the little remains of Life in fruitless Tears. Do you Barnevelt acquaint my Wife of this, but not till I am dead; I cannot bear the Thoughts of taking a farewell of her I lov'd so tenderly :Tell it her in the discreetest Manner. Follow Gentlemen, the Plan I have given you, and remember the glorious cause you fight for is Liberty and Property; this makes Life agreeable, and to die in its Defence is glorious. Remember these few Maxims never refuse a Peace thats honourable, in any of your Wars. --- but let no hardship whatshoever prevail upon you to make a Peace dishonourable or suffer Insults." (64)
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